Design Ethos

“It’s not necessarily where you are in the world that makes you happy.  Not necessarily about your chosen bustling city or tranquil village.  It’s about the space you carve for yourself.  It’s within your own four walls, wherever they may be.  And once created, there shouldn’t be anywhere more perfect.  

Your sanctuary.  Your piece of perfection.  To be safe within, or to look out onto.  Something that is personal to you, and that you consider truly beautiful.”


Kate Carr is our lead designer and has experience working with clients both private and public, creating outdoor spaces of tranquility and beauty.  Having studied at the prestigious Garden Design School under award-winning designers Robin Templer Williams and Moira Farnham, Kate has a deep understanding of spatial integrity and effectively moulds landscapes using a careful balance of hard and soft landscaping.  As a practice we work in partnership with other designers, RHS-trained horticulturalists and alongside other associated professionals including Surveyors, Architects and Planners.

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